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Tomáš Kubeš

Starting from the very basic, my name is Tomáš Kubeš, and, at least time wise, I dedicate a notable slice of my life to computers. Not that I would harbor supernatural feelings towards them, but I have happened to use and understand them with ease, so the matters around them were what I have naturally chosen to study and earn living with. After all, doing something one does easily and well can be fun too.

But life would be dull and plain if it was filled only by ones and zeros. When computers go to sleep, I enjoy seeing my friends, exploring, walking, and taking pictures. Landscapes or colorful skies are amongst my favorite scenes. I also tend to have a sense and taste for absurd humor, for example Python's; however, other genres will do too.

When friends are not around, a book, or the company of Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, or their fellows can please my heart. In fact, some newer works and songs can do so too; my taste when it comes to music is quite broad.

This list of likings is by far not complete, but it seems to be long enough already. So for the sake of balance, there are few things I tend to avoid – smoking and alcohol.

The best contact is an e-mail: mr_napik <at> centrum.cz, but please beware of an overzealous spam filter.

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